Heritage Kids


Partnering with families to raise a generation that follows JESUS.

First Time to Heritage Kids
Plan to arrive 10-15 minutes before the service starts. Upon arrival you will visit the First Time Families desk where we will greet you and walk you through the check-in process to get your child in the class that corresponds to their age.
Children will receive a nametag and parents will receive a guardian receipt. To ensure that the child is being released to the correct guardian, guardians will display their guardian receipt to the leaders in their child’s class to pick up their child.
Service Times for Kids
Heritage Kids has three service times per week that meet at the same time as adult worship services. We meet on Sunday mornings at 8:30 and 10:30 for approximately 90 minutes. We also meet on Wednesday evenings during the school year for Awana from 6:30 to 7:50. Click here for more details on Awana at Heritage.
The safety of your child is of utmost importance! From matching parent and child security nametags to required background checks for every volunteer, we take the safety of your child very seriously.
What Will My Kids Be Learning?
Heritage Kids uses The Gospel Project. This curriculum takes kids and preschoolers on a three year journey from Genesis to Revelation looking at how the entire story of the Bible points to Jesus. For more information on The Gospel Project, click here.
Classes Provided
Sunday Mornings
8:30 Service
Babies & Crawlers
Walkers & 2 Year Olds
3 – 5 Year Olds
Kindergarten – 2nd Grade
3rd – 5th Grade (Students in 3rd-5th grade will attend worship and then dismiss to their class before the teaching time.)
10:30 Service
Babies & Crawlers
Walkers & 2 Year Olds
3 – 4 Year Olds  
5s & Kindergarten
1st – 2nd Grade
3rd – 5th Grade  (Students in 3rd-5th grade will attend worship and then dismiss to their class before the teaching time.)
Awana on Wednesday Evenings
Nursery       Birth – 2 Year Olds
Cubbies      3 – 4 Year Olds
Sparks        Kindergarten – 2nd Grade
T & T           3rd – 5th Grade


September 13, 2017- May 16, 2018, Every Wednesday Evening

6:30pm- 7:45pm, CCHS

At Awana, children will learn about the Bible through activities, games, and large and small group adventures, all while making friends and having fun! Our Awana Clubs run through the school year and are for kids 3 years old thru 5thgrade.  Nursery will be provided for birth-2 year olds.  Registration begins today, August 13, and will be held in the Kid’s Wing.  Cost is $20 per child with a $40 maximum per family.  Cost covers their book and uniform.  We are always in need of volunteers to serve these kids.  If you are interested, please email Pastor Brent at brent@heritagefellowship.net.  
What Type of Snack Will My Child Receive?
Your child will be offered animal crackers, Goldfish crackers, graham crackers, and gluten-free Chex (if requested). Along with the snacks, your child will receive water to drink. If your child has any severe allergies, please notify the leaders of their class.
Faith Training At Home

While we acknowledge that what happens at church is important, Heritage Christian Fellowship desires to champion the family as the primary means of raising a generation that follows Jesus.

To encourage faith training at home, Heritage provides multiple opportunities for you to have Faith Talks with your children.

Heritage Milestones

Heritage equips parents to celebrate six Milestones in the life of your child. You will receive a Heritage Milestones booklet when you first visit Heritage. Click here for more information on the Heritage Milestones. 

Sunday Mornings

Heritage Kids provides a small take-home recap of the Big Picture that your child learned that morning. This take-home recap is a great launch into a Faith Talk.


Awana provides parents the opportunity to help their children memorize Bible verses and talk through the gospel as it relates to specific verses. 
Serve With Heritage Kids
We have multiple opportunities for teenagers and adults to serve the kids and families at Heritage. Below are the ways to get involved.
Classroom Teacher or Helper
Spend time loving on kids and pointing them to Jesus!
Family Check-In
Help new families get checked in and provide support for check-in computers.
Heritage sets up and tears down the kids classrooms twice a week and we need folks to help with this vital, behind-the-scenes ministry.
Heritage Kids Music Team
Do you have the gift of playing music or singing? We need people to lead the kids in fun worship.
Special Needs Buddies 
A buddy helps a child with special needs to participate in classroom activities with other children in their age group.
Weekday Supply Team  
Aids the Heritage staff by inventorying and purchasing supplies, washing linens, and setting up craft projects for classrooms.
For additional information, contact Pastor Brent Cisson at brent@heritagefellowship.net