Heritage Milestones

In 2007, God began to form in Pastor Jeff a vision for what would become Heritage Christian Fellowship. In 1 Peter 5:3, Peter calls the church God’s “Heritage” or His family. When that realization came to life for Pastor Jeff in a fresh way it became the defining principle for what he desired to see in the church. Within a year, “Heritage” Christian Fellowship was born! With an emphasis on building a church that has a multi-generational plan for discipleship, Heritage has maintained the belief that God wants to build His kingdom as a family.
To that end, the leadership at Heritage has developed these six Milestones as a part of our ministry to families. It is our desire to walk with and equip families in disciple making at each stage of life and development. You will be introduced to six Milestones that outline pivotal changes in the discipleship process of families. As a church, we long to nurture the seed of the gospel in the soil of your hearts, so that you and your children might become fruitful trees of righteousness!
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Milestone    1
Birth – 2 Years
Parent/Child Dedication
Milestone    2
12 Years and Under
Faith Commitment
Milestone    3
Grades    3 – 5
Preparing for Adolescence
Milestone    4
Grades    7 & 8
Pathway to Purity
Milestone    5
Grades    9 & 10
Movement Towards Maturity
Milestone    6
Grades    11    & 12
Preparing to Launch