What We Believe

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Heritage is to be Gospel-Centered
The understanding and belief that Jesus Christ came to save the lost, that we have through Christ received the free gift of grace and forgiveness of sins, and that we are adopted into the family of God, is the motivation for everything we do. We do not serve God to earn favor, but rather as a form of worship, in response to the grace and favor he has already given. In addition, we understand that it is the gift of the Spirit of God, made possible by faith in Christ and His atoning work on the cross, that empowers our service and worship.
Heritage is a church that seeks to worship authentically
The end goal of all that we do is the worship of God. Heritage desires to create a culture where people are empowered by the Spirit of God and an understanding of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to worship God, and to see worship as something that is done in every area of the believer’s life. 


Heritage is a kingdom minded church
We understand that we are part of something bigger than Heritage, and therefore enjoy fellowship and brotherhood with the global christian church. Though we may differ on certain non-essential areas, we find that we are able to learn from one another and work together for the advancement of the kingdom of God. More than building Heritage as an individual organization, we are invested in building the universal Kingdom for the praise of His glory.


Heritage Values and Promotes Biblical Literacy
Our desire is that people know God. God has given us His holy word that people might know him. We believe that the Bible is the complete revelation of God and ultimate authority. As a
result, we place a high priority on the accurate teaching of the scriptures, and on the necessity
of each believer to know the Word of God for themselves, made possible by the Spirit of God.
Heritage Is To Be Theologically Driven
We believe that the whole duty of man is to know God and enjoy Him forever. Therefore, we emphasize knowing God as He reveals Himself and being careful not to build a God to our liking. We desire that in faith and practice our lives would experience and exemplify the great God we serve.


The Call of Heritage is a Call to Discipleship
We believe that ministry does not end in sharing the Gospel but continues in discipleship. Jesus spent the majority of His ministry walking through life with 12 men. He revealed Himself to these men, taught these men eternal truth, suffered with these men and called them to a life of obedience and trust in Him. Walking in His command and example, we are commissioned in the same way to walk side by side with his people. Discipleship happens as we draw disciples attention to His Glory, teach His people of His word and call them to a continual life of obedience and servanthood to Him.


Heritage Values and Promotes Genuine Community
Having been adopted into the family of God, we believe that genuine community should consist of authenticity, transparency, sincerity, accountability, repentance, forgiveness, and commitment to the body of believers. We believe that the church is a tool of sanctification, and that a gospel-centered community of believers is designed to help one another grow into christian maturity as they do life together.


Heritage Is To Have A Missional Focus
The redeemed people of God have been set apart by God for the work of the Kingdom, at home, and around the world. We believe that Christians have not arrived, but have been sent. We believe that the scriptures clearly mandate that the church exist as a Kingdom outpost, working as ministers of reconciliation for the King who will one day redeem all things and overturn all the effects of the fall. This means we have the privilege and responsibility of partnering with Christ in this work today, seeking to minister to the needy and the outcast and bring justice to a fallen world. We believe that no mission is complete without the gospel of Jesus Christ, and seek to find perfect balance between the mission of proclamation and the mission of justice.


Heritage is Called to Evangelism
The scripture teaches that sin has separated man from God, and that the end result of this separation is eternal death. But God is a gracious and forgiving God, who, desiring that all be saved, sent His Son Jesus to die for the sins of the world and provide a way, through grace by faith, that those condemned to death might receive everlasting life. Jesus is the only way to the Father, and the church is the means by which God has ordained this gospel message be spread to the lost.