Outreach & Missions

At Heritage, we believe that our faith in Jesus will present itself naturally through outreach and missions. In the great commission, Jesus charged us with spreading the good news of the Gospel both to our local neighborhoods and to the “ends of the earth”. In addition, 1 John makes it very clear that a life that has been changed by the Gospel will be evident through its love for others. As a result, we place great importance on serving the community we live in through acts of love and justice, and on addressing the needs of others as we spread the Gospel to other countries through the opportunities the Lord has given us.

Local Outreach

Local Outreach at Heritage starts in our Huddle Groups.  At Heritage, our Huddle Groups behave as small churches within one larger church, reaching out to the communities that they are involved in and ministering to the needs of the people within each group.  As people get to know one another, and become involved in one another’s lives, natural opportunities to reach out and serve one another in acts of love and benevolence will emerge.  We believe this is what is meant by the Christian life.  Benevolence is not something the church does once in a while. Benevolence describes the way we live with one another.  Community is vital.  Not only do our Huddle Groups minister to one another, but they find great joy in working together to serve the greater needs of their communities and neighborhoods.

In addition, Heritage has the privilege of working with several parachurch organizations that are particularly effective in serving the community around us.  Heritage is pleased to support Young Life, The Heart Campaign, Hearts with a Mission Youth Shelter, Access Food Bank, and the Rogue Valley Pregnancy Resource Center.



Heritage has been blessed to participate in world missions in a very hands on way.  In 2010, we made the 1st of several trips to Uganda.  We have adopted Oasis of Hope Church in Mbarara, Uganda as a sister-church.  Pastor John Wabwire is a dear brother in the Lord and a faithful servant of Christ.  We believe that our calling is to stand with local churches and organizations and support them in the ministry they have been called to.  We have been able to help Oasis of Hope through gospel outreaches, medical clinics, pastoral training and conferences, and orphan care.  Currently, Heritage provides educational support for 9 different children who have come under the care of Oasis of Hope.

In 2012, we were introduced to a school in the Dominican Republic that targets special needs and underprivileged children.  In August of 2012 we will make our first visit to the Dominican Republic, taking over 20 high school students with us to serve the children and spread the gospel in the community.

If you would like to get plugged in to any of our missions or Local Outreach projects, email us at info@heritagefellowship.net, and stay tuned for updates as we present future opportunities.